Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Random Khols employee by the name of Naden Harris

 Grade: 11
When do you start work? "I went for job orientation yesterday."
Do you think you will enjoy working at Khols? "Pretty sure I will.  Seems like a good place to work."
What is your job title and what are the requirements?  "I work in the men's department.  I have to fold clothes, make sure the clothes are pulled to the front of the rake, and help people out if they have questions."
Are you required to wear a suit? "No just a nice shirt and khakis"
Are you excited about your first job?  "Yes, because its going to get me out there, meet some new people, it will be a good experience."
Alright thanks Naden.  I will come to Khols and see you sometime.  "Okay  man"

Friday, September 23, 2011

Random Timber Yard worker by the name of Marisa Keller

Grade: 11
What is your job title? "Cashier"
Do you enjoy your job? "Yeah, I guess, gives me money, and it's not that hard."
Does your job require a lot of heavy lifting? "Not really, if a person has a board, the bagger caries the boards out to their car.  All I do is scan it with the price gun."
How long have you been working there? "About a month.  My uncles friend owns it and when I was talking to my uncle about needing a job, he sent me over to The Timber Yard"
Have you ever had any other jobs besides this?  "I worked at the golf course over the summer, but I got hit with a lot of balls so I quit."
Do you have long commute to The Timber Yard? " No, it's about seven miles to my house."
Well, thanks for your time. do you have any closing statements. "Come buy some wood...  I don't know."

Friday, September 16, 2011

Random Culver's employee by the name of Brad Hagan

How long have you been working at Culvers? "A year and two months."
What is your title and what does that require? "A crew member requires basic knowledge of the restaurant business." 
Do you enjoy your work? "Yeah, I enjoy my work because of all the people I work with."
Do you get free food? "No, but we do get 50% off."
What is your favorite food on the menu? "Prime rib sandwich"
How many days a week do you usually have to work? "Five days everything about four hours."
Do the hours put a damper on school? " Not really, because I get home in time to do homework.  Yet, it does put a damper on the weekends."
Thanks for your time, any closing statements? "Come visit Culvers, make Tom proud."

Monday, September 12, 2011

Random baseball player by the name of Sean Pedley

Grade: 11
Position: 2nd base
How many have you been playing? "Eleven years."
Who is your favorite professional baseball player? "Robertson Camo"
How is the team outlook this year? "We have a pretty solid defense and an explosive lineup."
Post season chances? "I think we can make a post season run."
Any good freshman coming up? "8th grader Jed Arond"
Favorite baseball memory? "Going to state my freshman year. We made it to the quarter final game where we lost to the state champions."
Any closing statements? "Come out and support us!"

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Random cheerleader by the name of Mackenzie Sorrols

What's your favorite color? "RED AND WHITE"
How many years have you been cheering? "This is my third year at Daviess County, but all together nine."
What sporting event do you enjoy cheering at most? "Football because they are more exciting."
How's the team this year?  "We are pretty good this year. We need a little more practice, but once competition comes around I think the team will come together and get it done."
When is Nationals? "Sometime in January"
Any final comments? "I love you John Ross."

Friday, August 26, 2011

Random Football player by the name of Wes Marcum

Grade: 11
Position: Right tackle
Number: 63
Favorite professional player: Clay Matthews OLB Green Bay Packers
Hows the team this year? "I think we are pretty good.  We have a good run game which will help us out in district.  Even though we have young starters, I feel like the upperclassmen will help them grow up and be able to fill the varsity positions quickly."
Any post season hopes? "We automatically go to post season because the top four teams in district go and there are only four teams in our district.  Hopefully we will go into post season with more credit than last year."
How has the team overcome the Owensboro lose?  "The lose put things into perspective and made us realize we need to work harder.  We kind of got lazy the week before, so the lose, in some way, was a good thing."
Well good luck this season, any closing statements? "Come out and support!"

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Random Soccer player by the name of Robbie Kirby

Grade: junior at Daviess County High School
Position: right mid fielder
Years he has been playing soccer: 6
Favorite professional soccer player: Luiz Ronaldo
What are your views on this years team? "I think we have a pretty good season ahead of us.  The team has been working hard since July to come out strong this year.  We are all feeling a sense of revenge for our up coming opponent Ohio County." 
Do we have a chance at state again?  "Oh defiantly, we have a very good chance at going far in post season."
Any closing statements? "Come out and support! Go Panthers!"